The Program

Start an Ozone BusinessOkay, let me explain how we feel things should work.  You decide your entry point (investment), your opportunities, and what you believe this business will take you.  It could be the $995 start package, or the more robust $2500 option.  While we get your equipment and marketing materials ready and sent, you will be taking the online training and earning your Certified Ozone Technician Certification.

Here are your Options:

The $995 Ozone Business Package The $2500 Ozone Business Package
1- Certified Ozone Techncian course
2- Learn Best Practice for Ozone
3- 90 Day Action Plan
4- One 40,000 Ozone generator
5- The four best add-on products
5- Marketing Materials
6- One year of Coaching
1- Certified Ozone Techncian course
2- Learn Best Practices for ozone
3- Fresh Air Expert Course
4- 90 Day Action Plan
6- Two 40,000 Ozone generator
7- The four best add-on products
8- Marketing Materials
9- One year of Coaching
10- Professional Website
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Once you decide your entry point, expect about 30 days to get functional.  You will starting your training right away.  The equipment will arrive with marketing materials.  Then, I am going to ask you to do several free jobs for friends and relatives so you get experience on the use of the equipment.  It is very important to learn the process with people who aren't critical.

In your coaching, I will point you to the most powerful markets, and get to know your strengths.  My goal for you is to make make your investment in 90 days and make you profitable.  But, it doesn't end there.  The next secret is learning how to get accounts rather than jobs.  This means a constant base of income that carries you through to even larger opportunities.

There is one more level that I frankly limit to a very few proven business-experienced types.  The Regional program is a $5000 investment, and all previous package fees apply to this level.  As a Regional, you will translate the success you have had into others at a reasonable distance from your operation.  If you have a functioning business, or work within a great target group; I am willing to discuss the Regional option.  I recommend, one of the two above options for those who want to earn their way to the top.

Remediation toolsProfessional Resources:  Don't be a "One Trick Pony" thinking that ozone is the sole tools in your toolbox.  We will include the four best tools you will need to handle nealry any job.  There is value in your ability to propose a full service for the problem than just dropping off an ozone generator.  Compound service do a better job and protect you from customer who try to replicate your services.

We include the four additional, non-polluting tools your will need to provide a superior job and best results in your package.  Not counting ozone, you will want to master the FOUR ADD-ON SERVICES that boost the quality of your work and increase the fees you are paid.

Best Practices for Ozone Remediation is nearly your Bible to assure a quality job and no mistakes.  We add the latest professional attribute to your professional service by the adoption of the "Best Practices for Ozone Remdiation to your credentials.  Adding this insignia will separate you from the amateurs that buy an ozone machine from the Internet and jump blindly into the business.

Ozone is great, but easily abused.  Mistakes in any business can be costly and embarassing.  Wouldn't it be helpful to pluck the best ideas, practices, and warning from those who have learned the hard way?  The National Ozone Association has composed the very best information in a comprehensive 40 page document that may be your bible for professional ozone services.