Add Ozone

Ozone RestorationI also know that there are some great businesses that could benefit from adding ozone to the services they provide.  So, let me invite you to add an ozone service to your existing business.  

These are:

   Mold Remediation services
   Biotrauma and Crime Scene Cleanup
   Carpet cleaning services
   Janitorial Services
   Flood and Fire Restoration
   Dust Cleaning Service

Actually, the option of using ozone treatments opens some very interesting doors.  But, you should know that odors, infections, allergies, floods and fire can be improved with ozone.  We offer the typical ozone air treatments, but also the aqueous ozone that can be part of a cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing process.  

My name is Mark Tipton, and I work work with your organization to develop ozone protocols, proper systems, and employee training.  Whether you have one operation or you have a large franchise that does some type of restoration, remediation, mold removal, or major cleanup; I want to be your pivot point for a sound ozone program. 

Nothing works as good as ozone in many cases, but you might like to know that we deal with troublesome indoor air problems that include filtration, enzymes, probiotics, essential oils, and innovative systems for very large odor problems.

Regardless of your interest in ozone and odor mitigation systems, feel free to contact me at [email protected]   or   (815) 272-1653