Ozone Training by National Ozone Association

The Ozone BusinessWhen considering starting or using ozone in your business, training should be the starting point. Too many have bought an ozone generator, only to find out that success in the ozone business isn't as easy as some suggest.  

In fact, the start of the business may well determine its success.  So, we have developed the most meaningful program to help you promote your ozone business, or add it to your present operation.

   1- The ERS program that starts with the Certified Ozone Technician course
   2- The Best Equipment for your Ozone Business
   3- The best Support for your Ozone Business, including the 90 Day Action Plan

Why complicate things?  A sound business is about: 1) Your skills and knowledge, 2) The proper equipment, and 3) the Marketing of your business.  It has almost nothing to do with the brand or boasts of the ozone equipment you will use.  So, here is how we provide a growing opportunity to those interested in ozone services.  We let you grow into the business in stages.

 The Education Program  The Equipment  The Marketing
Start with the Certified Ozone Technician with Certificate Powerful, 40,000 commercial-grade ozone generators with BioZone Protectant for Maximum Results Marketing materials, website options, and guidance including the 90 Day Action Plan
Then, take these courses as needed:
 - Fresh Air Expert (Indoor Air Quality)
 - Deep Cleaning Specialist
 -Infection Control Specialist
 - Allergy Abatement Specialist
 - Advanced Odor Mitigation

Purchase more equipment as needed at a discount.  Let your business fund your growth instead of risking a large capital outlay.  

Also, pick up other tools you will use in your growing business that aren't needed yet.

Every business grows in stages.  You cannot anticipate the direction and needs of your business from the onset.

We work with many companies that have grown in profitable ways that were unexpected.

Start an Ozone BusinessWhen investing into a new business or a new venture for your business, mistakes are costly and can be a true risk your business.  My job is to cut those risks out of the equation and improve your odds of success.  We do this by providing a graded pathway to growth.  Let the early success of your business pay for the expected growth that will come.  If you plop a large volume of cash up front, you will carry a financial burden that should wait until those services are needed.

So, we determined that it is actually quite smart to let your early business "Bootstrap" (fund) your business so your initial investment is small.  In addition, we knew that we could give more value than any other program selling equipment with empty promises of support.

$995 Complete Starter Package

Yes, just $995 to get your training and certification, equipment, and our support in developing your ozone business.  This minimal investment opens the door that will take you as far as you want to go.  Follow our 90 Day Action plan that will give you all the basics you need to get started.  We never promise success, but we expect it.  The first 90 days is the critical point for the direction of your business.

Maximize your potential, but minimize your risk.  This is always good advice for someone starting out in a new venture.  Our starter package let's you start full or part-time to open a business with huge potential.  

There are hundreds of possibilities to expand your business, and we will show you where they are.  But, before you achieve your million dollar income, you need to make your first $100,000. If you want a bigger launch for your business, visit the next page to discover that there is a platform for the experienced and well-connected folks who can drive their ozone business to a much faster and larger success.